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Instructions for Transporting, Storing and Processing Self-Adhesive Labels and Functional Parts

Transportation and Storage

  • Protect from exposure to sunlight and heat (e.g. radiators).
  • Store the label rolls in the PE bag or shrink wrap of the original packaging in a cool and dry place (optimal conditions: 64 °F ±9 °F / 18 °C ±5 °C, 40-60 % relative humidity) up to the time of processing.
  • Stack the label rolls on top of each other, lying flat and centered.
  • Prevent external pressure (e.g. a tight box).

Processing of Labels

General Information on Label Dispensing

  • An acute angle of the dispensing edge improves dispensing (stripping) performance.
  • Keep strip plate burr-free.
  • Apply contact pressure to labels after application to ensure adhesion.
  • Keep all movable elements of the web/tape guide running smoothly by regular cleaning.
  • Keep optical and mechanical scanning elements clean and dust-free.
  • Do not subsequently tighten the label rolls – either manually or inside the printing or dispensing system.

When Using Thermal Transfer Printers

  • Regularly remove dust from the inside of the printer when changing rolls.
  • Do not touch the printing areas when changing rolls; it is best to just touch the beginning of the roll, possibly wearing gloves.

Specifically for RFID Products

  • Do not bend the ((rfid)) labels.
  • Avoid heavy contact pressure and mechanical impact (shocks).
  • Do not throw the rolls and pack in special cardboard boxes or use sufficient cushioning/padding material.
  • Protect from external influences such as electrostatic discharge (+/- 2kV HBM), alternating magnetic fields, microwaves or gamma rays.

Special Instructions for Adhesives with Higher Flow Rates

  • For extended periods of intermediate storage during processing, store the material in cool boxes (< 64 °F / 18 °C).
  • Tip: Wrap the printer feeding shafts in silicone paper to avoid possible deposits of adhesive particles. However, do not use silicone spray under any circumstances.

Important note:

The above information is strictly provided as basic information which may be extended or modified by specifications adapted to the respective products. Before using a product, please obtain qualified advice from the specialists of Schreiner Group or test yourself whether the product concerned, also with respect to possible influences which may affect the application (e.g. transportation, storage or processing conditions), is suitable for your intended purpose.